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Was Esteban's planned assassination made to look a result of a "girlfriend" and family feeling dishonored and shamed by his action to severe ties?  The Garland police's final determination was girlfriend problems.  Or

  did the local Chinese Triad & Tong leadership, that control local organize crime and these families/business groups threatened Esteban and his family and ordered his execution?

A "silent" crime victim  in Garland, Texas during the continued and very prosperous Chinese /Oriental organized crimes and their successful planned business expansion in the Dallas Metro area. * please note that our reporting of Chinese/SE Asian criminal activities is in no way intended to cause collective shame and dishonor to those honest and hard working members of these communities but to target only people engaged in crime that have enjoyed the protection of their community while at the same time preyed on them for hundred of years..  Together as Americans we can all protect our families and put an end to this threat. 









Some people come into our lives and quickly go.   Some stay a while leaving a remarkable footprint in our hearts and we are never, ever the same. 

In your short lifetime you became that very special person to us all. 

You only saw beauty and good in all things and people around you .

Always conveying sincere love, compassion, generosity and kindness to all mankind.     

Your good spirits, animated cheerfulness and good humor brought everyone around you to feel very rich, proud, happy and good about themselves.

We now realize and understand that liberating and choosing to be free; and live a honorable life was paramount, even if it may have meant our losing you. 

For now, please watch over and help guide us until the day when we are all again happily reunited as one family.

Mom, Nina & Dad





1/4/ 2003 -Following a "blocked" phone call that Esteban received at this home's landline he immediately departs the safety of his home and is later discovered to be missing - On 1/5/03, local Garland Police "GPD" leadership choose to act discriminately and blatantly ignore a desperate parent's repeated  pleas for their urgent and immediate assistance to help locate their missing teenage son who is suspected to be in grave mortal danger.  The FBI who is later alerted by same parents of this suspected abduction do not investigate following GPD leadership's directive not to intervene -  Weeks later, this very precious young life that was suspected and reported to be at great mortal risk has been finally located and reportedly said to be deceased.  What follows is a careful planned official conspiracy by law enforcement and Garland city officials that began on first day of this reported crime and has transpired ever since that has also aided in the cover-up of criminal activities by  Oriental/Asian and Mexican organized crime of operations in Garland and the Dallas Metro area and their suspected links to terrorists groups.  This blocked call originators were people who were then under the employ of the Israeli intelligence investigating drug traffickers and terrorism.  A Fox news report also implicated them in trafficking the drug ecstasy to fund their operations.  It was first rumored early by citizens that this police department's ego, pride, credibility and reputation was more important than serving justice and had motivated their poor judgment.  Evidence collected by family and volunteers shows their actions and involvement to be more involved.




We as a community that care must insist and demand high standards of conduct for people we entrust with so much power.



Contact Information

If you have any information that might help us solve this case# 2003-00499, please call Bill , Esteban's father, at: 972-896-5744 or 972-495-4744.  Mr. Craig Watkins at: (214)653-3600/ Dallas County District Attorney or the FBI/Dallas Office - Mr. Robert E. Casey-Special Agent in Charge- (972) 559-5000 Case#2003R000499 -or- email us at: teenmissing@4esteban.com 

All information and comments will be kept confidential if requested.  





Recent News


Esteban David Salazar, a Junior and straight "A" Honors student  at Naaman Forest High School and a Hung Gar Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts student, was last seen alive by his parents after he answered a "blocked/unregistered" phone call.  He immediately departed on foot from his home located nearby Brand Road/George Bush Freeway area of Garland, Texas @ about 2 PM on Jan. 4, 2003.  Most of his personal belongings were left behind: cell phone, car, money, wallet, contact lens kit, glasses, keys and winter jacket.  Police records indicated recovering a backpack with some additional clothing.  An independent and specialized search team, "SORT", called by the police later followed to its final end Esteban's scent trail at the entrance/parking area of a nearby apartment complex.  Its reasonably suspected that here was were he was abducted and transferred out from this location via motor vehicle by people known to him.  Weeks later, parts of his skeletal remains and some personal belongings were reported found scattered throughout a nearby large open wooded field / dump site by the police investigator in the afternoon of Friday, February 28, 2003.

Physical description

Dark Brown Hair/Eyes  (6'3"-155#)